Sustainability Policy and Procedures

General environmental policy & philosophy

green logoL&E international, Ltd. is fully committed to finding and developing sustainable packaging solutions for all its customers. We are engaged in ongoing efforts to reduce our impact on the environment and minimize the use of non-renewable natural resources. We encourage our manufacturers to adopt similar policies and monitor their compliance. Whenever possible, we encourage the use of reusable and recyclable corrugated packaging rather than polyvinyl chloride (PVC) . We seek to create and have created innovative packaging designs with an eye toward “right sized packaging” that adequately protects the product while reducing the amount of raw materials used and thereby lowering cube utilization. We also develop new and more efficient, lighter weight paper formulations that provide outstanding strength and performance despite reduced material weight (usage). We encourage our manufacturers to put comprehensive environmental management systems in place. Wherever possible we want suppliers to capture and control the effect of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions generated by the manufacturing process.


Employee education

trainingWe continue to conduct internal seminars to explore sustainability matters and to educate our employees about both the issues and possible solutions related to packaging development. We send key employees to external training seminars and have encouraged those employees to utilize the information gained during those seminars to further inform and educate the rest of our staff. We have implemented a regular series of in-house lectures and discussions of sustainability issues and ways in which we (and our manufacturers) can use best practices that will benefit both the environment and our customers by reducing waste, conserving energy, limiting the use of non-renewable natural resources and using environmentally friendly raw materials, energy and water consumption to the greatest extent possible.

Procedures and requirements

The use of soy based inks that are more environmentally friendly and making a concerted effort (working with our manufacturers) to minimize waste during the manufacturing process.


We do that by using the best possible layouts on the most efficient available equipment. We also continually test finished products in independent and accredited labs to make sure that they meet all relevant governmental standards and regulations governing the content of hazardous materials.

Considerations in selection and qualification of manufacturers

boxOn selecting manufacturers, we carefully evaluate their ability to produce recyclable products. We also consider their equipment and manufacturing processes used and assess the extent to which they use renewable energy, conserve energy, water and resources and incorporate steps into their manufacturing process that tend to reduce greenhouse gases and otherwise mitigate adverse effects of the manufacturing process on the environment. We seek manufacturers who are willing to adjust their processes going forward to accommodate solutions that we believe are beneficial.  

We qualify our manufacturers and suppliers carefully and will not work with any producer who does not meet our needs and/or share our goals in terms of product quality, competitive pricing, social and human rights and environmental compliance/impact. If we perceive that a manufacturer is unable or unwilling to produce the kind of products we want, employ working conditions that meet our minimum requirements (which are often beyond those required by local laws) or operate in a way that is consistent with our guiding principles with respect to hazardous substances and/or sustainability, we will not engage that manufacturer. We self audit all of our manufacturers annually to ensure compliance with our requirements.


Our approach to sustainable development

Our approach to sustainable development is directed primarily toward designing recyclable packaging, compost-ability and biodegradability and designing to use less material, reducing waste and conserving space, energy and transportation costs. Our dedication to reducing the use of materials and creating the most cost effective possible packaging (in terms of manufacturing, transportation and subsequent use) goes well beyond anything required by law. We are committed to avoiding excessive product inventories, over processing or overproduction of product and excessive movement of product. We are admittedly still learning more about sustainability and further developing our “best practices” over time but we are making a real and concerted effort to engage in continuous improvement in this area (as in all others associated with our business operations).

Collaboration with our customers

people groupA critical element of or environmental/sustainability policy is to work closely with each of our customers to understand and help define each customer’s specific goals and requirements. Developing, implementing and maintaining an effective sustainability policy is a collaborative effort that involves both customer and the packaging supplier/manufacturer.